The model in the photograph had exquisite features that I had to try and draw. I must admit I’m not satisfied with this piece. I struggle with portraits especially when trying to bring out the realism in them. I first wanted this to be a rough sketch, which is what I was doing. However, what I initially started off as crosshatching, I found myself starting to shade. The techniques I was using took a gear so I became confused as to how I wanted this piece to look like. Did I want to have more of a sketch vibe or a realistic drawing? I guess at the end it was both. Which is why this piece still looks unfinished to me because I didn’t settle on one technique and didn’t have an end goal. Anyways, lesson for next time is always have a plan!


4 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. I can see how you became vexed with the hair. The face looks good. It’s not “photo perfect” as some artists seem able to achieve (where the drawing looks exactly like a black and white photo). The hair looks rough, for sure. I myself have a hard time transitioning from caricature/cartoon to photo quality. I haven’t had much practice, though, either. I don’t draw from photos as much as I used to do. And, very rarely do I find someone willing to be a model. [I don’t hire models just to practice; and I am not one who likes the idea of drawing in a classroom of artists with one or more models.]


    1. Thanks for your feedback! yes I definitely want to get better at making my drawings more realistic, photo perfect as you said.

      haha interesting, I’ve never drawn a live model, I feel like that’s a lot of pressure for me. However, I would be open to trying that out as well.


      1. Pressure from the stare and expectations of the model. [Pity for the model that doesn’t care what you do with him/her.] And, pressure from sitting with other artists attempting a similar goal.


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