My hand felt like what this drawing looks like after I finished it. In this piece I wanted to focus on realism. The image was black and white already so it made it easier to understand the grades of shading needed. I first drew it with pencil, specifically 2H, HB, 6B and 8B. I … More Hardwork


The model in the photograph had exquisite features that I had to try and draw. I must admit I’m not satisfied with this piece. I struggle with portraits especially when trying to bring out the realism in them. I first wanted this to be a rough sketch, which is what I was doing. However, what I … More Struggles

Medium: Pen

It was three years since I drew anything serious other than random doodling in class. One night I thought to myself that I needed a hobby. Something to keep me busy and clear my head when I needed to. I then wondered why I didn’t keep up with creating art because I enjoyed it every time … More Medium: Pen